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Soy beans replacing peanuts in Georgia?

Cue collective sighs from the peanut gallery, if you see what I’m saying. Moving forward, a new report from Georgia Public Broadcasting drops the nutcracker on Georgia’s iconic crop. (Ok, I’ll stop now.) On a serious note, the report shows … Continue reading

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Charlie Crist and constituencies of one

Throughout the annals of recent Florida political history, a number of notable figures come to mind. Jeb Bush: Two-term governor who successfully spearheaded meaningful education reform in the state. In many ways, the brother of W. is a forefather to … Continue reading

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The show must go on

And it will, and as much of a whirlwind as ever. No pun directed at those gathered in Tampa for the GOP Convention intended. I don’t update this thing half as much as I would like, but my hope is … Continue reading

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The potential fallout facing John Barge

For those of you who are unaware, yesterday Georgia state School Superintendent John Barge voiced opposition to a proposed amendment to Georgia’s constitution. Set to be voted on in November, it would place that powers of authorizing and funding charter … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush tweaks Alan Grayson

Ok, ok. So I’m 4 days late even picking up on this topic from the Sunshine State. Don’t care.¬†Bashing Alan Grayson is too much fun, regardless of how late to the scene one may be. Anyways, in what appears to … Continue reading

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Counting Perry out is a Texas-sized mistake

With thirteen days having past since the Texas Senate GOP runoff, a confab of media outlets have emerged with stories surrounding Governor Rick Perry. Not Ted Cruz. Not David Dewhurst. Rick Perry. Though they may disagree over how serious of … Continue reading

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Missed opportunities abound in GA-12 primary?

Maria Shefffield may have missed her moment. Recently surfaced reports indicate that the congressional hopeful, vying with three others for a shot at incumbent John Barrow, now has a video tracker following her through crowds, forums and rallies across the … Continue reading

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