Jeb Bush tweaks Alan Grayson

Ok, ok. So I’m 4 days late even picking up on this topic from the Sunshine State. Don’t care. Bashing Alan Grayson is too much fun, regardless of how late to the scene one may be.

Anyways, in what appears to be a practice on the rise this election cycle, Grayson has essentially injected himself into the primary for an open House seat around Orlando. Essentially, the district is tilted towards Democrats (who else would take Grayson seriously?), but this liberal firebrand just can’t leave well enough alone.

Color me shocked.

At any rate, Grayson has blanketed potential GOP primary voters in the district with mailers of his own. The purpose? Targeting one of his potential opponents: John Quinones. The reason? Quinones is Puerto-Rican and the district has a high population of Puerto Ricans. According to the report in which I discovered this idiocy, Grayson has poured $100,000 into the GOP primary, through the standard outlets, in an attempt to brand Quinones a false Republican.

One of said attacks included asserting that his potential challenger was off the mark with still popular former Governor Jeb Bush on tax policy. Lucky for this site’s content, and Florida Republicans, Bush took Grayson to task with a statement:

“I find it in utterly poor taste that Alan Grayson would use my statements, misquoted and out of context, for political gain. I encourage Mr. Grayson to take down his ads, stay out of the Republican primary and let the voters of Central Florida to choose their nominee without his help. There will be plenty of time for Mr. Grayson to defend his liberal tax-and-spend record in the fall.”

Heh. Well done, Governor. Mind you, I know absolutely nothing about the makeup of the Republican field in this race. But who would pass up an excuse to post about bashing Alan Grayson?



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